Role Modelling in Game ON

Game ON is a children’s book created to encourage resilience in our young ones.

Learn about role modelling in Game ON below

In Game ON, the characters act as either poor or positive role models for children. This has been a measured approach with the book. Children have many people who influence their lives, and not all behaviour is seen as optimal from a role-model perspective. Therefore, for these children, distinguishing appropriate behaviour may be challenging. A considerable risk factor that reduces personal resilience for children is socialising with persons who are considered to be poor role models. Role modelling is a key factor influencing children’s ability to refine and form their own behavioural strategies of coping, decision making and problem solving. Dusty  was created to exhibit positive behavioural traits with managing temperament, maintaining a solution-focused approach and prompting Alex (the red character) to review how his behaviour affects himself physical and others socially. This promotes self- and social awareness and boosts empathy. Dusty takes the time to assist Alex with a process that can help him make informed and calm choices. Dusty is supported by his peers in suggesting strategies for Alex to regulate his emotions and temperament, so as to change Alex’s perspective and his response.