Conflict Resolution in Game ON

Game ON is a children’s book created to encourage resilience in our young ones.

Learn about conflict resolution Game ON below

Whilst many attributes can lower the levels of resilience for an individual, the inability to resolve conflicts by adopting effective conflict resolution strategies can significantly increase the risk and exposure to adversity. Children with high levels of reactivity and poor temperament control compromise the cognitive deployment ability for positive coping strategies (Taylor et al., 2014). The inability to deal with common emotions such as anger and frustration can lead to antisocial behaviour and poor outcomes later in life. Teaching children to manage conflict appropriately can reduce the short- and long-term consequences of poor anger management. Game ON has been designed to demonstrate to children the consequences of poor emotional regulation and conflict resolution skills. This is revealed through the role Alex plays in the book by bullying his friends, teasing, blaming and losing his temper. Alex soon finds out the consequences of his actions, associated with poor conflict resolution strategies. His peers provide him with some cognitive strategies to help manage his emotions to better deal with problems for the future. The most-effective conflict resolution strategies are those that aim to instil problem-solving skills, effective communication with creative and critical thinking.