The Crew  


Sensitive, Caring and Kind

Basic Info

Colour: Blue

Strengths: Caring, Kind, Sensitive.

Dusty, the Shark is sensitive, caring and kind. Dusty tries to always approach each situation with a solution and considers how the choices
he makes can have either positive or challenging consequences.



Strong and Athletic

Basic Info

Colour: Red

Strengths: Strong, Athletic 

Alex, the red character, is big, strong and athletic. Alex is exceptionally good at sports and being a leader, however sometimes Alex uses his strength and size to dominate his friends and situations.



Clever, Creative, Artistic

Basic Info

Colour: Blue

Strengths: Clever, Creative, Artistic.

Macca is a very clever, creative artist. Macca loves to spend his time day dreaming and thinking about new art projects. Macca is very intuitive, calm and easy going. 


Intelligent and Methodical

Basic Info

Colour: Orange

Strengths: Intelligent, Methodical

Wagner is a very intelligent, methodical character who loves to complete projects and tasks slowly. Wagner can sometimes be a little bit lazy and uses his clever abilities to get other people to do things for him. 



Active and fit

Basic Info

Colour: Pink

Strengths: Sporty, fit and active.

Billy is very sporty, fit and active. Her friends think she is very pretty. Bella can be very confident and caring, but sometimes can worry about what others think which can change the way she acts towards her friends. 



Quiet, empathetic, sensitivity

Basic Info

Colour: Yellow

Strengths: Quiet, empathetic and sensitive.

Reina is a quiet, empathic and sensitive character who is very clever and loves to do her school work. Reina can be very emotional and finds it difficult to deal with loud and confronting people or places. 

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