Welcome To The School For Living!

Welcome to The School For Living’s new website!

About The School For Living

The School For Living offers contemporary resilience & wellbeing programs for primary school teachers, saving you time while delivering a highly engaging program.

The program, Dusty & Friends, builds resilience and social/emotional wellbeing in children using strength-based approaches.

Dusty & Friends has been developed using evidence-based principles, aligning with the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education K-10 goals.

Our Mission

The School For Living aims to enrich our wider communities by caring for resilient children, adolescents, and adults who develop into high-functioning individuals.

The School For Living achieves this by delivering evidence-based resilience programs nationally across multiple educational, sporting disciplines, and corporate industries, which establish, apply, and sustain high levels of resilience.

The Founder – Sarah Tillott

Dr. Sarah Tillott is a mother, a researcher, and teacher, and has university qualifications in the areas of health and education.

Sarah is a resilience researcher who has created a series of innovative resilience resources that have demonstrated behaviour change as measured by her PhD.